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Where to have the fibre cable installed?

I've just joined BT and ordered the full fibre broadband and full TV package.

Will the fibre box physically connect to the TV box? With other broadband & TV packages, the cables have always needed to come in the lounge wall to hook up directly to the TV box. However, wifi would work better from the hallway. I need to plan around what will be wired to what.

Is there a diagram on the BT website of how all the equipment will link together, please? I've been unable to locate one.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Where to have the fibre cable installed?

Your internal wiring is entirely up to you. The fibre will enter the property and connect to the ONT (fibre modem). The ONT then connects to your home hub (router) via Ethernet which can be up to 100 metres, however, Openreach will only supply a short patch lead. Your devices then connect to the hub via Ethernet which again can be up to 100 metres.

Or via WiFi of course.

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