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Wi-Fi security videos & BT Cloud storage

Does anyone know whether BT Cloud works with any of the Wi-Fi security technologies to store the videos in the BT Cloud. I'd prefer having a single location for files and videos and also one bill for storage.

Testing my Wi-Fi doorbell gives me the live videos to my iphone App but  no visible option to store locally. I can pay extra by subscription for Video storage from the same Wi-Fi doorbell provider. Prefer not yet another when I've already got iCloud and BT Cloud ?

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Re: Wi-Fi security videos & BT Cloud storage

It depends on what doorbell you're using.

I have in the past had a camera setup to FTP both stills and videos to a sub folder of my BT Cloud Sync folder on my PC, but to be honest performance wasn't great

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Re: Wi-Fi security videos & BT Cloud storage

Thanks very much Les. I'm looking for something that is out of the box straight forward 🙂

I'm testing a Ring3+ Doorbell. The video quality is good day & night (infra red) and captures snapshots when there's movement. I like the standard functions of the device. I'm just disappointed its limiting the cloud storage option to their own service under additional premium functionality with +£ monthly subscription on top after purchase. 

I'm looking to expand to external spotlight security cameras but want a single manufacturer (brand) solution. All snapshot videos to save locally and so use my preferred Cloud storage.



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