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BT Whole Home discs

Hi, I have four BT whole home discs and a BT home hub 5, which is running on fibre to the house with a speed direct to the router of around 900mbs. The slave disc is right next to the router and I have another disc in our main living room, 1 in our kitchen and the third in a bedroom immediately above the room the router is in. Using the BT Whole home app, I can see I get very good signal to all discs and when they are all running no blackspots in the house and esily able to cope with all the devices connected.

The issue i have, is that the disc in the bedroom disconnects on a regular basis. I swapped this disc with another to see if the issue was the disc, but the disc I swapped did the same thing and kept disconnecting.  I do not have the same issue with the other discs, unless the actual router goes down, which not the case when the disc disconnects.  As such, I am puzzled as to why a disc will keep disconnecting when it is in the room above the room the router is in.

If anyone has any thoughts as to a reason, I would be interested to hear them.



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Re: BT Whole Home discs

Hi @smdigs, welcome to the forum, and sorry you're having a problem with your Whole Home Wifi (WHW) set up.

Have a look at the Whole Home Wifi help page and if you need further help with this issue the number and email address for the WHW product help desk are listed on the page.



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