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Does anyone actually get technical advice when they call?


Called BT "Experts" to find out why my Hybrid was flashing red on the signal bars. 2 Hrs later still not got an actual response as to what might be the issue. Not had issue before. One lady I spoke to who was a Hybrid "expert" did not seem to know what the difference was between the synching light and the signal bars! After various tests which she read from a script she cut the line. She did not call back!! So then I went on web chat and another advisor just told me he would send out a new Hybrid! No explanation as to what problem might be. So I decided to make a complaint about lack of tech help. That was fun! So I was told (I kid you not) that they don't have a technical advice line. They advise on faults? Is that not a Technical Advice Line. So lady took my complaint. Wrote it all down and said she submitted it. When I asked for a time scale for a response. She said they don't respond....So how do they fix complaints? Asked to speak to a manager....No chance! When I asked her what she could do she said she would try to resolve my complaint. So I asked what the flashing red lights mean? Another 10 Minutes on hold listening to the same hold music on a loop! Why pay the premium service for a non premium response?

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Re: Does anyone actually get technical advice when they call?

Hi @Copbear

Welcome to the BT Community and thank you for your post!

I am sorry for the problems with your Hybrid Connect.  Flashing red lights on the device indicates that the device is having problems connecting to the mobile network.  Here is a full breakdown of what the lights mean >> Tips for using Hybrid Connect <<

As you haven't been able to get this sorted when speaking with my colleague on the phone, we'll pick up from here.  I have sent you a private message with instructions on how you can send us over your details and we'll look into this for you. See: Private messages



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