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Hub 6 dropping wifi

About 6 months ago my Huawei Honor phone kept losing the wifi signal. Prior to that, I had no problems whatsoever. It seemed to happen randomly or when I received an incoming message or text. I was initially believing this to be a phone issue, so I first removed all the apps that were not part of the original factory loads. The problem continued and I needed to switch it off and on again to get the Wi-Fi back.  All my efforts failed so I did a factory reset and the problem continued. I started to involve Huawei's technical support where even though they could not offer a solution. They suggested I send it back to them for a detailed investigation.

In the end, I heard there have been problems with the HUB 6's, particularly where one was sharing their hub with the Network.  I checked all the settings and even reset it but alas still drops just for this phone.  I have another phone, two laptops, and 2 Smart TVs none of which have an issue.

Can anyone provide me with anything else I can try.  



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Re: Hub 6 dropping wifi

if you have other devices which are connecting to hub wifi without a problem it does suggest a problem with the particular phone  have you tried changing the wifi mode in hub manager from 1 to either 2 or 3 and see if that makes difference

do you have the 2.4 and 5ghz wireless with different SSID?

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