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Problem connecting ipad to usb drive on Smart Hub 2

Hoping someone can help as I’m pulling my hair out. I have a hard drive connected to my smart hub 2 which I can see and access on my computer fine but for the life of me I can’t get it to connect to my ipad. I’m using the generic files app on ipad to connect to server. When I try \\\usb1 or // it says they’re invalid urls. The only way I can get past the initial connect screen is to type which then gets me to the login credentials screen. I tried using my computer username and password and the smart hub 2 admin username and password, both fail. I then tried my bt account login which seems like it connects and shows me in the left-hand navigation and a usb1 folder but when I open the folder it says Folder Unavailable the contents could not be displayed because of an unknown error. I’m at a loss what to try next

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Re: Problem connecting ipad to usb drive on Smart Hub 2

Problem solved it was the files app. I switched to another app and it’s connected fine
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