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Rocky experience running a server and bt hardware

So firstly I have managed to use a home hub6 12 for months without issues on zen internet with a static ip, I believe this I managed through a flaw in firmware as latest update has stopped this, slightly annoying as I have 2 I bought in good faith-so brings the question of being locked out of a product I own. 


Annoying the hubs can't be used as Bridge modems and the firmware locked down so an access point at best. 

Moving on I have a PFsense router running with pi hole dns, this works for hours as the primary dns and my isp as secondary.

Then I get BT whole home mini app claims I am running secure dns and it won't stay connected when being fed DNS via router

It appears tenda products are pinging Chinese sites, I can check later today to see if this is same on bt home mini which is a tenda based product the app Checking for a Connection pinging Chinese dns

Before I dig through logs whole home mini works for hours then WiFi cycles connected and dropped seconds later

if no solution it's getting thrown back in a box for a return, seems a shame but documentation is lacking and the Web interface gives quick no clues- great otherwise tenda bt product 



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