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BT Hub Faulty

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Hi, I am hoping you can help me as I’m having terrible problems with my BT Hub. I have FTTC and my line is a digital line. Over the past two months my BT Hub 2 has been turning itself on and off randomly. It will also randomly disconnect all connections and will refuse to accept any connections for a few hours. It’ll say that the WiFi password is wrong despite it not being wrong. This will go on for hours until it will eventually reconnect. Ive replicated this on my iPhone, iPad, laptop and on my partners laptop and android tablet. When the router refuses all passwords it’ll still show a blue light on the hub and even restarting it won’t help. Randomly the router will reboot itself and it feels very very hot. There is amble air circulation and the hub isn’t picking up heat from anything else near it.


In order to troubleshoot the above I have done the following:


  • Factory reset the router multiple times,


  • I’ve reset network settings on phone, iPad and on laptops,


  • I’ve double checked the password multiple times and check the password being entered is correct,


  • I’ve changed the channels on the router to see if this helps, it doesn’t,


  • I’ve changed the mode of the router and no mode change helps,


  • I’ve moved the hub to another plug to check it isn’t a socket problem,


  • I’ve cleaned the hub to ensure it isn’t dust or anything interfering with it,


  • I’ve turned all other WiFi devices off and tried to just connect one at a time,


When this goes down it pulls my phone line down too and means I’m unable to keep in touch with family without the mobile. I was moved to digital due to an error on BT’s side which resulted in my tariff changing and my service having to be reordered. This is on my account notes.


I am severely disabled which BT are aware of and my phone line and broadband is my lifeline. I’m honestly just at my wits end. I’ve went through troubleshooting so many times and the BT website and app says it will check the line. Then it says the line is fine. Then it texts me and tells me to reply to it but my mobile phone network does not allow texting shortcodes so I end up in a horrendous loop over and over again.


Hoping someone can assist me here. I’d like the hub to be replaced as it’s clear it is a problem with the hub. I’ve tried to call five times from my mobile but I end up on hold for ages.


Looking forward to hearing from you.



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Re: BT Hub Faulty

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My name is Rob

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Re: BT Hub Faulty

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I have notified the moderators of the forum about your problem. Once they have read this they may be able to help. They will advise you by posting on this thread.

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Re: BT Hub Faulty

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Hi @tqotn,

Welcome to the Community, it's good to have you.

I can have this looked into for you. Since you've done all of the checks it should be pretty straight forward for us.

I'll send you a private message that you can reply back to my team on. We're moderators who work for BT.

Thank you


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Re: BT Hub Faulty

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Hi @tqotn

Thank you for replying to my private message to confirm that the Hub replacement has resolved the problem you were experiencing.  I am really pleased I could help you get this sorted.

I'll close things off from here today but if you need help or have a question in future, you know where we are 🙂



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