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Being asked to return kit despite still using it

Hello, I have just had fibre optic broadband installed by an engineer as it just became available at my address.

Everything is great but the engineer initially said we should have received a new router and ours was not compatible. We never received a new router and after checking in the engineer found that our current router was in fact compatible and so set up everything and all is working fine.

The problem is we are still being mithered to return the hub with the threat of a £40 bill if we don't. I've had great experience of BT which is why I was happy to upgrade but this is quite annoying.

There is no sign of a new router and no indication we will get one so there's no way I'm going to send back this one (which is barely a few months old anyway). 

It's also not made clear how to contact BT directly about this error, none of the help topics on myBT even mention returning kit.

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Re: Being asked to return kit despite still using it

Hi @FOBB and welcome to our community.

I'm sorry for any confusion with the returns request. I can sort that for you. I'll drop you over a private message now so you can get in touch.



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