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Broadband help


We recently moved to the North Baddesley Area - Rownhams Road to be precise. Everytime I am looking to contact BT to get broadband connected to our home I get no where and when I enter our postcode it gives an error. 

there are no email options to contact anyone either as far as I have searched on their website. My neighbour does have BT so I am sure the area should be fine. 

no idea how to get this sorted. Hoping anyone can support or point in the right direction? 

many thanks in advance. 

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Re: Broadband help

Were you a BT customer in previous home before you moved?

Enter your address and post results. Remember to delete address

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Re: Broadband help

Enter the postcode where & get what error?

I'd suggest double-checking you have the correct details as listed on RM's site, as that road seems to have around half a dozen different postcodes.

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Re: Broadband help

Thank you for your reply. No we were not BT customers. How do I go about co tasting anyone to give us advice on what we can and can’t have in our area? 

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Re: Broadband help

the website you liked takes us to the Royal Mail page to enter a postcode. When I do that I get the neighbour BOOTS CHEMIST, not sure what’s that supposed to do? 

i meant that when I just go to the BT Website to see what broadband we can get it asks to check the postcode. I enter our postcode in and I get:

“Sorry, we can't find results for your address at the moment
We're updating our systems and we hope this will be fixed soon.”
I guess we could try calling a helpline?
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Re: Broadband help

I assumed you had already done that. Call 0330 1234 150

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Re: Broadband help

When you enter a postcode into RM's site it will show the road name together with "More Addresses". Clicking that will show every address in the street with that postcode. Is your property listed?

The postcode for Boots (EF) shows mostly commercial premises, so are you a business or maybe a flat above one?

But having said that, the EF postcode is readily accepted by & displays the available addresses. Thy all show available offers without issue. So I'm not sure what the issue is other than a slight discrepancy between the two databases. RM shows two number 11s & BT shows a 5a that isn't on RM.

The link that @imjolly posted will also check availability by postcode.

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