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What is going on with my broadband. I have so called Fibre but it is only to a cabinet at least 2km away, good old copper cable from cabinet to house.  In those long gone halcyon days I was privileged to have download speeds in the region of 12mbps, however over the past few years this has gradually been reduced to 7mbps  ish! Of course I am being charged for faster broadband however the kind people at BT are happy to reduce this cost if I will accept a slower speed. Whilst all of the new housing developments around me are being provided with new connections and vastly increased broadband speeds and generous bandwidth BT (OpenReach) choose to ignore me and the rest of our small community, without any plans to upgrade to a 21st. Century Service which will allow high quality non buffering broadband. Shame on you BT

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Re: Broadband


this is a customer help customer community forumand your post does not go to BT

if you enter your phone number and post results it will should what is available to you and then can take it from there

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