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Cabinet ports

Is there any way of knowing when a faster cabinet port becomes available? From 2012 to 2017 I was with BT and would regularly get 65 to 72Mbs download speed. Switched to Talktalk in 2017 for cheaper price, and my speed dropped to 35 to 50Mbs. In 2019 I switched back to BT as I started earning more money and TT contract ended. Now on BT, same address as 2012, my speed is anywhere between 13 to 49Mbs.


If I use the address checker, it says I can get fibre 2 at 49 to 72Mb, my next door neighbour can only get fibre 1 at 49Mb, and my other neighbour on the opposite side can get fibre 2 at 55 to 72Mb. Yet when I log in to see my broadband upgrade deals, it only shows 49 to 51Mb. 


I spoke with a friend who works at BT and she said they'll have moved me to a slower port in the cabinet, and won't be able to move me back until a port becomes free  


I use Skelmersdale exchange, cabinet 28 apparently. So I was just wondering how do I find out when a faster port is available?

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Re: Cabinet ports

Your friend at BT is clearly clueless. All ports in the cabinet are the same speed, capped at a maximum of 80Mbps. If you have selected a fibre1 package your speed will be capped at 55Mbps.

Please post a screenshot of your hub stats and the output of the DSL checker.

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Re: Cabinet ports

You have either been told a lot of nonsense, or you have misunderstood what was said….all ‘ports’ in a ‘fibre’ cabinet are the same , they can all provide 80Mb , because that is the limit Openreach use , but the port speed can be reduced depending on what the ISP has purchased on behalf of their customer , that can be set as 40 , 55 or 80 , but FTTC is ‘rate adaptive’ which means other factors , mainly line length affects the actual connection rate ….so someone who is a long way from the cab , may only get ( for example ) 30Mb , that’s just physics, if they asked to be on an 80Mb connection , the would still only get 30Mb , so they may as well be on a 40Mb profile as that tends to be a little cheaper ….similarly if someone on a very short line was paying for 40 and getting 40 , but wanted  to upgrade to faster speed  , because the short line can easily deliver 80Mb,   on request from the ISP , the port speed can simply be changed from 40 to 80Mb , there is no need to swap the cabinet port, all ports are fundamentally identical

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Re: Cabinet ports


So the distance between my house and the cabinet hasn't changed, I'm paying for fibre 2, yet the BT website says 49 to 52Mbs, even for fibre 3. Yet I used to get 70s pretty much daily.




Also, Gfast is not available to me in my house, yet the cabinet says 330Mbs is available

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Re: Cabinet ports

The 330 isn't G.Fast, it's FTTPoD which is an extremely expensive business product where the full cost of the provision is paid costing thousands

If you post your hub stats we can see what is possibly going on. Your line should be capable of the 72 you were seeing previously.

Is there any noise on your line with a quiet line test 17070

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Re: Cabinet ports

How do I find my hub stats? 😂

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Re: Cabinet ports

Advanced settings > technical log>information  

How do you know what your current speed is if you don't know where the hub stats are? 

The speeds BT quote are sync speeds, not throughput speeds.


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Re: Cabinet ports



 i checked my speed using speed and also the speed test on BT app.


Edit* screenshots instead of the XML file as my son was mid-game 😂



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Re: Cabinet ports

Your friend who works for BT, I think she might be my old Patch Manager.

That or there’s 2 Idiots out there, let’s just hope they never meet.


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Re: Cabinet ports

You have cut off the important connection time

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