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Re: Fibre 1 upgrade to Full Fibre query

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Be great if there was a useful website hosting large files where we know for sure they can deliver that content at consistent speed, at least then we can ensure the home user's connection is working as expected.

Think Broadband do have some downloads but only up to 1GB.

But you could run them a few times & either time them or use the Performance tab in Windows Task Manager to verify the consistency of the network.

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Re: Fibre 1 upgrade to Full Fibre query

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Sadly those downloads would not start, but I appreciate you digging this up all the same. I did run some more tests and time them to check the results. I see nothing untoward to indicate a problem with my new FTTP install.

I did find this video on YouTube where the user has 1Gb Fibre, at the 3min30s he starts a download on Xbox One. Based on his completion time he seems to be getting an avg 290Mb download. So this seems to coincide with what I am seeing on my Xbox Series X, and his video is 3 years old.

With this in mind I think we can come to the conclusion that Microsoft has a cap in place on Xbox game downloads. Bit of a shame, clearly for an Xbox gamer on FTTP it seems a 300Mb offering from BT would likely be the sweetspot for many if they can get the pricing right in the middle between Full Fibre 100 and Full Fibre 500.

I’ve downloaded some more large games on a wired PS5 and based on completion time this still seems stable at 500Mb. I can see some minor variation on Steam as they show the active MB download in-progress. Still, the Steam completion times indicate a typical 460Mb, although unlike PS5, my laptop is on wifi, and not really fit for gaming purposes either. I am just downloading from Steam for testing sake and with the wifi in mind I am assuming there’s nothing of concern here.

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