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Fibre 2 and ONT

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I recently joined with BT. 

I requested the Fibre 2 package.


OpenReach came the property, ran an fibre cable underground and installed an ONT inside with the new hub. 

Is this classed as Full Fibre and will I not have to rely on the exchange anymore? 

Are there any benefits to this E.g faster and more reliable speeds compared to ADSL?

I thought it would be installed using the phone line. 


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Re: Fibre 2 and ONT

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Where FTTP is available then Fibre 2 can be provided over full fibre. Your package is probably called Full Fibre 2 & should be more reliable than FTTC. Plus of course you have the option to regrade to higher speeds if you wish.

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Re: Fibre 2 and ONT

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Yes that is full fibre, much faster and possibly more reliable than ADSL, provided the fibre network does not get damaged.

If you asked for phone service as well, then that will come from the phone socket on the BT Smart Hub 2.


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Re: Fibre 2 and ONT

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if you have an ONT then you have full fibre and probably also have digital voice if you opted for landline calls.  it is far more reliable than ADSL/VDSL and does not suffer from noise problems

fibre 2 give you 80mb connection speed but I expect you have more faster options obviously at more expensive cost

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