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Fibre not reaching good speeds?

Hi all, I have recently moved from Virgin to BT. I couldn't cope with Virgin dropping out or going off line for days, but I am starting to wonder if I did the right thing?

Since having BT installed, my ps4 is about 1 ft away from the Router and last night I wasn't even getting 1mbps upload nor down load. 

My daughters computer runs around 30mpbs download, about 24mbps upload.

I have to keep restarting my hub daily, which is annoying. The Internet doesn't even reach the bottom of my garden, which isn't very big at all.

On virgin I had the 350mpbs package, bt I'm using the 900mbps and I'm not seeing it, it seems to be the same or even slower than Virgin. 

The disk upstairs does nothing, I can be sitting a few feet from it and it only gives me 30mbps if I am lucky, and its annoying you can't split the router, I can't get my WiFi bulbs to work now as I can't get them on the 2.4 network. 

I did think about getting a LAN/ETHERNET cable to run it to the WiFi booster disk they provided would that help?

I have spoken to them through online chat and they assure me my speeds are fine, but none of us reach over 100mbps on anything. Tv, laptops, ps4, phones. 

Am I going to be fighting a losing battle and end up regret staying with them but spending lots of money out on mesh systems for nothing to change??

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Re: Fibre not reaching good speeds?

Have you tried turning off the 5ghz and then connecting your 2.4ghz devices and when connected and working then re-enable the 5ghz network.

Did you turn off smart setup in hub manager as that often causes problems


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