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Getting fttp fitted

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On 29th July fttp was fitted to my home by a great BT Openreach engineer. It’s fully wired in but could not be activated as BT were on strike.

”A man will be with you in 2 days to activate it”

No man visited. I called my ISP (Talk Talk) who send a text “we will update tomorrow “ then “we will update in a week”. I contacted TalkTalk today (it took 3 attempts) and the earliest a BT engineer can visit and switch on is Sept 2nd. It will have been fitted for over a month.

I have tried to call Openreach but you can’t. 

what a total shambles

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Re: Getting fttp fitted

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This is a BT residential forum. It has nothing to do with Openreach which is an entirely self contained company that just happens to be within the BT group. 

It will be an Openreach engineer not a BT Openreach engineer that deals with this.

You will need to contact your ISP and have them deal with your problem.

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