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House extension built over cable conduit

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Years ago an openreach engineer moved our master socket to the rear of the house by cabling from the original entry point around the outside of the house. Subsequently we had an extension built which would mean the entry point was now on an internal wall hidden by cupboards. I asked BT to move it before the build but the engineer said he couldn't without "civils" and site surveys. The builder ended up building over the conduit and the original entry point is no longer accessible. The original wiring still goes round the exterior of the house but again it is partly inaccessible. 

If we have fttp fitted is it possible to intercept the conduit by digging part way up the lawn and then redirect it somewhere else without too much trouble?

Or can the fibre be fed all the way through the conduit and into the original entry point but by only accessing the cable from what was the original internal wall socket? I.e the small white plate inside the house rather than the big grey socket cover which would have been outside


Thanks, any help welcome


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Re: House extension built over cable conduit

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Is FTTP available now or is this enquiry in advance of FTTP being available ?, before the FTTP network is built , each address that is to  be served by that particular FTTP PON build is surveyed…in the case of an underground ducted area ( generally built  from 1990 onwards ) the duct entry should  be visible on an external wall and the survey would indicate a 2.5 inch duct no anticipated issues  , property where the duct isn’t visible, like in your case where building work has made the original duct inaccessible, the survey indicates congested duct , properties thought to be OK , so duct entry visible, get a single stage install , which obviously could still  fail if there is unseen damage below ground , those like yours where the duct cannot be seen , a two stage installation is arranged and if it’s necessary to intercept the duct in the garden and provide a new section of duct to the exterior wall , that’s what’s done , ( in consultation with the homeowner ) , in some cases even if the duct cannot be seen it may still be usable, if they can use it obviously that’s cheaper than excavating, so that would be investigated on the first stage visit .


If or when FTTP becomes available enter your address here

The section to check looks like this 

Our records show the following FTTP network service information for these premises:-Single Dwelling Unit Residential UG Feed with no anticipated issues.

The FTTP install process on the same checker indicates single stage , or KCI2 assure , ( 2 stage ) 


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Re: House extension built over cable conduit

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Thank you very helpful. We've been told that openreach will complete the upgrade to the area in march 24 so the request was an anticipation of putting in an order. Sounds like it will still be possible to reroute the ducting which is what we wanted

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