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Internet outage

So Thursday night my internet was working fine I was up until late using it, come Friday morning about 8 o'clock I am woken up by drilling then the kids come in and say the internet isn't working, so I thought let me check where the drilling is coming from, open my door and there is a guy doing a full fibre installation for my neighbour so I ask any reason why my internet is now not working (sorry not sorry for the assumption it has something to do with him) he replies umm not sure may be an area problem once I install this I'll know and come and let you know which he did not, turns out neighbours installation was fine they're up and working mine is not.


So ring bt which they then send a message check the line comes back there's a fault, I then ring BT as I want to speak to someone and explain the story, nice lady books me appointment for next morning 8-1. 

Received an email later on from the altermated service that had booked an appointment for the 4th Tuesday so I rang BT Saturday morning to make sure that they were coming that day and not leaving it until Tuesday, yes definitely booked for today great. Come 12:30  I ring as no show contacts openreach and guess what appointment is for Tuesday 4th no appointment for today nothing they can do yet bt have it in front of them and confirmed that that appointment was for Saturday 100%. What is going on with BT at the moment, bearing in mind they had already messed me about over the last 3 months with installation billing and plenty of other stuff.

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Re: Internet outage

Hi @Mrhyman1988 and thanks for posting.

I'm sorry there's been some confusion with your engineer booking. Hopefully everything goes to plan for tomorrow but if there are any issues please get back to me and I'll be happy to lend a hand.



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