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Re: Just had fiber today only getting 20gb instead of 700gb min

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hi all. latest and last news.. had an engineer visiting today. said there was some problems with the line so made adjustments and said it was now peaking at 920mb!

Was still issues with the Wi-Fi signal though. had the new router wired into the upstairs bedroom rather than the old ground floor location where the phone line came in, as most of my equipment is upstairs thinking best to have it higher. He said there was significant drop in signal between bedrooms as said the Wi-Fi used with the smarthub 2 was 5g and more sensitive to walls etc.

I'd previously asked the first installer where would be the best place to install as the original location was ground floor tucked in a corner next to the tv, thinking I could improve on location. He just shrugged his shoulders. So I asked to fit it upstairs. maybe a good idea or not I don't know. The second engineer suggested the first wouldn't know. sounds like the first guys were just on commission to get them installed asap, which I can understand, but meant the second guy having to do the tiding up.

Anywho this second guy looking like a contractor - white van. no logos. sounded like he knew what he was talking about. tested the line. made adjustments and mentioned about the Wi-Fi issue. have now plugged in 2GB PoE and getting good speeds.

The engineer said he would contact BT and recommend I have 'Complete Wi-Fi disc' to boost the wi-fi signal in the poor areas of the house. Waiting to hear back from BT now but much happier its working as expected. 

Shame the first guy didn't do this and save time and money on BT's part having to come out and visit twice.

So as a caution to anyone getting full fibre or more importantly smarthub 2. best to research best location for your hub if you use wi-fi.

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Re: Just had fiber today only getting 20gb instead of 700gb min

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Hi @Grrr,

It's great to see that our second engineer has been able to get your connection speeds up to what they're supposed to be.

When it comes to ordering Complete Wifi, we don't usually get calls from engineers to contact you to order it. They may have left a note when the order completed but that wouldn't go through to an adviser as once he completes the order it would close it at our end. I can look into this for you and see what we can offer you. I've sent you a private message with some information that I need.


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Re: Just had fiber today only getting 20gb instead of 700gb min

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Hi again 

I may have spoke too soon about fixing the problems. Been just three days since the engineer visited. 
I have done some more tests again today. 
wifi testing using iPhone 13 Pro Max. Using the My BT app speed test with the phone right next to the router. Result is 18mb/4mb. That’s 2 and 1 less than before he turned up. As I understand it the phone can take much higher speeds. 
second test using gaming pc with brand new tp-link 2gb PoE plugged into the same power ring. Results 230mb. Much better than the copper wire at 47mb on wifi, and the distance from the old router was much further, but this seems way off what I should be getting. On wifi it’s getting less than before and the new hub is so much closer in the house. 
I know he said I’m getting up to 920mb coming in the house so where’s all the rest of it going? I’m not getting minimum 700. Is the 700 on a device or when I run the My BT app speed test should it show speed from the ISP to the hub making them at speed??
So I have to go back to support and go through all this again. Very frustrating and undue stress. not to mention disruption to my work day. 
And as mentioned about the Complete wifi. When he mentioned he would recommend it, I specifically asked him, are YOU going to do it or me. He confirmed he would and said support would be in contact in a few hours about it. They haven’t. 
Now even if I got a complete wifi disk and it’s still only showing 18mb right next to the router is it going to improve anything? Also it’s extra cost to me because BT gave me a product not fit for purpose at this time. 
sorry to unload all this on you. It’s just very frustrating. Even more so having to go through help. At least I have it logged as a complaint so hopefully it will be a little easier.?
I’d have thought the engineer would have showed me the speeds on their devices before leaving. 

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Re: Just had fiber today only getting 20gb instead of 700gb min

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All guatranteed speeds are to the hub. This is the same with all ISP's. There is no guaranteed wireless spaads as there is so many things that can effect the signal.

Best possible speed from the hub will always be via direct ethernet to the hub.

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