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New line with BT

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Hi there,


Me, and my Fiancee rent a converted loft from her parents, however, this is not registered with Royal Mail, and falls under the main property house number.

They already have TalkTalk installed, and have 17 months left on their contract, however, I am starting a new working from home role, and my new employers require me to have my own dedicated broadband.

As this is the case, would it be possible to get a line installed in my own name, in the loft? I went through the new line option, but it said it would terminate the contract with my current provider. Can you tell me my options please?

Many thanks

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Re: New line with BT

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Hi, when ordering specify that there isn't a working line, that will push the system into making sure it orders a new line, but obviously wll involve additional work for engineers to install the line, so expect it to take awhile.

Just a heads up for the future, if the loft conversion has made a new dwelling (even if it's in an existing building) this should have already been registered with both the council and the Royal mail. 

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