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ONT Location

Afternoon all,

I know this is probably an Openreach query but I’m just looking for some of your expertise and ideas from your set ups.

I’ve recently ordered FTTP and will require an ONT, however, my other half doesn’t want cables visible/ on show from the fibre entry point to the ONT. The fibre would have to run along skirting board and over a door frame to the nearest plug sockets which would be a bit of an eye sore.

My question is whether they’d be able to run fibre cable around the side of the house BEFORE entering to connect to the ONT which would be in a better location then our current master socket/ router set up

I hope I can explained that well enough.

Many thanks in advance


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Re: ONT Location

I did find the following installation options for Openreach:

For our standard installation, our engineers will:

  • connect an optical network terminator (ONT) within 1m of the nearest 13amp power socket and up to 10m from where the fibre enters the building
  • run any external cable needed to reach the nearest suitable fibre entry point.
  • connect your customer’s router next to the ONT

I assume the bold section indicates they CAN run cable around the side of the house, allowing the ONT to be sited in a more convenient location?

Does anyone have experience of this?

Thanks in advance

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Re: ONT Location

The install engineers try their best to place the ONT were you want it by running eternally, it's easier then running internally.

Have a word with the installer, unless there's a technical reason they normally do it.

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Re: ONT Location

Thats great thanks for the response.

Would much rather have an external cable run around the side of the house allowing the ONT to be located where we want it with minimal cables on show

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