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Slow internet speed, yet again!!!


I know for a fact that I can have up to 43Mbps on my BT Infinity (FTTC) and yet again, I am stuck at 30Mbps.

My router is showing me an attainable rate of 43568 and my actual rate is ony 34320.

Actual Rate34320Kbps9223Kbps
Attainable Rate43568Kbps9364Kbps


This is not the first time this happend and it's not good as my actual speed is now down by about 25%.

In this day and age a fast, reliable internet connection is imperial for day to day tasks.

I believe that my internet connection has been capped down, again due to a few router reboots which, by BT's own admission, their end system looks at it as issues with the line and ramps the speed down untill it stabalises and then gets capped. This absolutely sucks.

It would be much appreciated if BT could have a look at this and please, remove the speed cap.

Much appreciated.

Rachel Arruda

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Re: Slow internet speed, yet again!!!

So is the hub dropping internet connection or is the problem the number of your manual resets or maybe combination of both

Any drop in connection whether manual reset or not will be seen by DLM as an unstable connection and take action to stabilise line by increasing noise margin and drop in speed. 

A stable connection and noise margin should reduce and connection speed increase

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Re: Slow internet speed, yet again!!!

If someone switches a router off and on repeatedly, then DLM ( dynamic line management ) may interpret that as line instability and intervene with a lower rate to improve the ‘apparent’ instability, this is the nature of the FTTC system, you cannot ‘opt out’ , so the solution in that case  is to refrain from switching the router off and on repeatedly, ( TBH switching off a night and back on in the morning is not going to result in banding ) so it’s also possible that your line is banded because of genuine instability, and simply asking for your profile to be re-set , won’t address the underlying issue , and eventually the line will be banded again.

Have you reported this as a fault ?

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Re: Slow internet speed, yet again!!!


The issue is that, due to my oldest boy being nosy, lol, I have changed the routers' password a few weeks back. Since then, and with having to add another VLAN I have totally and utterly forgotten the routers admin password.

I know, I know! I should know better, especially having done cisco networks in the past (10+ years ago). Not even a config backup I had in place.

I have a draytek Vigor 2865ac and although I love it's funcionality and packed features, it is a pain that most changes, however small, will result in having to reboot the router.

My 11 (almost 12) year old son he loves IT and he's loving it, especially now that I have introduced to him VLANs (port based). He's even wondered how can the router provide up to 15 VLANs when the router only have 5ports (6 if WAN2 is disabled). So, now introducing trunking to this happy boy.

Anyways, it is, I know mostly my fault but once this new setup is up and running, yes I am now backing up a config file, it should not be an issue going forward.

Much appreciated for all help and for the time you all have taken in helping me.

If BT tech support monitors this, I would appreciate if my broadband could be reset please.

Much appreciate to all.

Rachel Arruda

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Re: Slow internet speed, yet again!!!

Manual reboots mate mostly if not all my fault really!

Had to setup the router from scratch (Draytek 2865ac).

Thanks for taking the time to help.


Rachel Arruda


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Re: Slow internet speed, yet again!!!

Hi @albertc30 and welcome back.

Thanks for posting about the connection speed. It will recover automatically once the hub resets have stopped. Your best bet would be to leave everything connected for a few days and DLM will release the banding. If you don't see any improvement post back and we'll be happy to take a look.