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BT Mobile Ends

Well at least to new customers. Following on from the discontinuation of handset deals, SIMO has now also been withdrawn. Cheapest EE deal seems to be £9pm month as opposed to the £7 that was available on BT, albeit with more data.

Cheapest deal including the Sport app is now £28 instead of £15.

All contracts now 24 months instead of 12. 😞

** I'm no longer active on the forums. **
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Re: BT Mobile Ends

I noticed that earlier, could they make it any less attractive to new customers? 

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Re: BT Mobile Ends

@stereohaven I think that's the point. Make it unattractive and push to EE. BT Retail will be rebranded to EE in a few years anyway.

Tbh I was nudged to EE and I got a really good deal... Pixel6a, £10 up front, no speed caps, unlimited minutes and texts, 15GB doubled for having Halo £24.95 per month + 10% discount for having BT Broadband...

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Re: BT Mobile Ends

I understand the transfer to EE as a new brand, I just meant that 10 GB of data for £9 a month on a 2 year contract with built in price rises is perhaps not that attractive to potential new customers.

So if that is the intention, it’s definitely a winner! 😁

Unless you are adamant you need to use the EE network, the same money gets you 15 - 50GB currently on a 30 day SIM only contract from other providers. 

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Re: BT Mobile Ends

It's a real shame that BT are not continuing, less competion in the market and EE must spend a fortune on advertising, that we seem to be paying for with less choice. I always feel its better and cheaper to buy the phone unless you love samsung or apple. I bought the pixel 6a for 240 with trade in and have a family sim for 11.50 mnth with 30gb data and unlimited calls and texts. contract ends April 2023. Will now have to shop around it wont be with EE though.

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Re: BT Mobile Ends

Terrible decision in my opinion, (although clearly i am looking at it from my own pocket) the nearest EE offering to our family SIMs costs £40.50 where as our Family SIMs cost £28.41, a £145 a year increase is a big enough incentive to look at the other networks that's for sure.