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Re: Mobile usage on app

Getting this irritating message "fetching token etc" "please wait" on web browser and phone app.

Wouldn't mind if it actually did something or gave you some supporting help information.

Another fine digital mess.

Thanks BT.

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Re: Mobile usage on app

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Re: Mobile usage on app

Nothing fixed with the latest iOS update.

Still no usage graphs like before,  fetching authorisation token messages on the website. ……

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Re: Mobile usage on app

I understand that this has been passed on for investigation, but time is running and nothing from BT themselves.

It's still not working on Android today 25/6/2024 and getting beyond a joke.

BT had better get their skates on before this gets escalated, which may well be at the end of this billing period.

It's outrageous that BT threaten to charge you if you go over the limit then don't provide you with the means to check it.

Even the nagging Google tells you when Drive storage is running out and gives you a figure.

I wonder if failing to provide usage data is something Ofcom could look into.

The BT silence is damning.

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Re: Mobile usage on app

Tried it this morning and partially successful.

The difference seemed to be in having to log in again with name, PW plus choosing new PIN. The app also had "restart".

Opened "view your usage", landline OK.

Mobile usage at least gave the total used, but as soon as an attempt was made to open up the details, up comes "fetching token etc".

Far from satisfactory and not getting the all important information about any unusual usage by day.

Also logged complaint has come up with nothing despite being a couple of weeks old and an auto response promising "we'll get back to you"

Come on BT, fix it. It can't be that difficult.

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Re: Mobile usage on app

So, I've just got my bill with £34 extra charged despite it saying specifically that I have only used 2.2 gig out of my 4 gig allowance.

Spoke to Maya at the Plymouth call centre who said they had been told not to refund as it was a nationwide glitch and they would refund the charges within three months for everybody. 

I'm not sure where to go from here as it's wrong on so many levels.


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Re: Mobile usage on app

Not refunding straightaway if they have overcharged is pretty poor, especially if it looks like a problem of their making.

I hope you get it sorted.

One course of action is to file a complaint.

The trouble is that you have to take their word on usage and you can't just pop out and look at the meter.

I expect a lot of their time is going on  trying to move customers to EE.

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