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Forum Confusion

I see many forum posts where the poster thinks that they are messaging BT or sometimes Openreach.

The header states “Welcome to BT’s official support community”, which makes it sound as if it is BT offering support, when it is not.

Perhaps a change of wording and/or a pop-up stating that this is a “Residential customer to customer forum” would alleviate some confusion (and lower some people's blood pressure)?

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Re: Forum Confusion

BT do offer support through this customer to customer forum but it is normally when there is a problem that community members can not resolve and or after other routes with the BT Customer Service/Help Desks have been exhausted.

If you have a read of the following links found in the Announcements, Guides and Community Updates section they explain fully what the forum is and how it operates. You should already have read the Terms of Use as you have to agree to them when you register to use the forum.

Welcome to the BT Community Forum - BT Community

BT Community Terms of Use - BT Community

BT Community User Guidelines - BT Community

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Re: Forum Confusion

Hi @grahamm1 and thanks for the post.

Sorry for any confusion here. @gg30340 is correct. If the community can't help or the answer isn't there the mods will step in and try to help.



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Re: Forum Confusion

Hi. I should explain that I was not suggesting that the changes be made for MY benefit, but for others.

I'm aware of the way the forum is managed and supplied and how BT as a group is structured.

I was just suggesting some changes that might lower the amount of people posting on the forum in the mistaken belief that that are speaking directly to BT or Openreach.

For example, recent responses to posts have been: "This is a BT residential customer to customer forum. Your post does not go to BT.", "It has nothing to do with BT. You need to contact Openreach,", "You have posted on a BT customer to customer forum and asked for advice". "This user forum for BT Retail Broadband and phone customers".

If it was made more obvious at the outset that the forum is a "BT customer to customer forum" and not a direct link to BT then you may get fewer erroneous posts and fewer upset posters when told the forum cannot help them.

Just a suggestion, that's all!

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Re: Forum Confusion

Hi @grahamm1 

If you feel that there is confusion, then I would hope the Forum Moderators would take notice of your suggestion.

BT host this Forum Community to help its customers, not confuse them.