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phone box removal

I  have recently signed to take ownership of a retail unit in stockport . There is an old BT PHONE right out side of the phone box that attracts drug dealers / the homeless store things in it daily and it continues to be vandalised. It’s is also blocking visibility to my retail unit to our customers. 

what is the process to request BT to come to remove and relocate in the area . Or remove this box completely ? It really is an eye sore and the high street is under going a full floor re lay.  

where do I go to have this looked at ? 

many thanks David 

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Re: phone box removal

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Re: phone box removal

If you're still experiencing this issue I suggest you send an email to Customer relations

Removing the box won't solve the problem but regular cleaning and management and involving the police would do something about it, BT can contact the police if there is misuse going on.

Also make sure it is a BT box and not a New World box as there are some in Stockport, if it is New World then you need to contact the advertising company Clear Channel who own them on 08008044995