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Re: BT closed my account.

Why is this getting moved?????? Its a new problem.........

They closed my account without warning and cant give me any service.


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Re: BT closed my account.

This is just a customer to customer help forum, everyone here, including myself, are just customers.

The only BT Employees are the forum moderators, who you have been dealing with. I would suggest you raise the issue with them, or complain directly to BT.

This is an ongoing issue, so people need to see the whole of the story in one place.

Nobody else can help, so there is no point in posting on this forum.

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Re: BT closed my account.

I've been waiting 2 years for fibre and phone, ive had a number of  terrible mini hubs since 

Bt closed by account today saying they cant give me fibre.

They told me there is no fibre in my area, openreach told me there is no fibre in my area, all my neighbors have fibre, i can aee it going through the wall.

They couldn't get me fibre but called my neighbor and sold her fibre which got installed from further up the road.

Its obviously in the area because it actually is.

By closed my account saying they cant give me fibre. 

This is beyond CRAZY. 

When they say you haven't got fibre in your area, what they really mean is that the distribution point your property is fed from is not fibre enabled.

You can have fibre in your street, even to your next door neighbour, but they won't let you have it because their database says that your property is not served.

It is important to note, until fibre is enabled at YOUR distribution point your ISP, BT, will not be able to do a blind thing. Their computer will say no, and that is that.

So your only option is to go to the Openreach fibre enquiry team, and if you get the brush off keep going until you get an explanation that makes sense.

The situation of individual DPs that get missed out from rollouts is a major gap in consumer information, and the industry urgently needs to improve its information for people who don't understand why everyone else around them can get fibre when they cannot.

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Re: BT closed my account.

Thank you.

How ridiculous.

However, searching my address i get no fibre, searching for its previous name (property name was changed) it shows it is available.

I couldn't get it before i changed the name. I couldn't get it after i changed the name, 2 years later i can get it but only using the previous address. 

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Re: BT closed my account.

If I understand your comment correctly, using your correct postal address on the ordering portal, your property has no FTTP availability, you notice there was is incorrect address also shown ( the fact it’s somehow historically linked in not really relevant) that inexplicably does show availability , so you took the decision to order using an address you knew to be incorrect, and when the order fails you ‘post’ of your displeasure and bemoan how useless BT and OR must be to fail so comprehensively , but you wait  over 2 years to ‘fess up’ to this pertinent fact that you knowingly used the wrong address to subvert the ordering process , or have I misunderstood ?
TBH , it’s seems always to be the case when an OP asks the question ‘ Why are BT or Openreach so useless ‘ , it’s always a drawn out process until  all the facts are discovered (   facts that counter the OP narrative are never immediately provided or obfuscated ) the answer to the question  generally is , ‘what did you expect if you start your order based on a falsehood’ .

Especially in a rural setting the fact that a neighbour can get FTTP isn’t an indication of FTTP availability, in an urban setting referring to a neighbour probably means an adjacent address no more that a few metres away , in a rural setting a neighbour could be hundreds of metres away 

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Re: BT closed my account.

Must admit I was disappointed at this ‘reveal’ - people go to the trouble of trying to help when in fact it was just an issue with a property name on a database. Most people know that changing their properties name doesn’t guarantee that every organisation in the country will immediately update their databases, and you may need to put up with using the old name for some purposes.

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Re: BT closed my account.

I ordered fibre 2 years ago.

I changed the name of the address a loooong time after ordering with no installation. 

Bt and openreach are aware of the name change, openreach knocked on my door one day to check it was the correct name, did both and left. That was a long time ago. 

1 year with original name. No installation, no answers, 1 year after mame change. No installation, no answers.

Same house, they came and installed a copper line with the new name and then told me there is no fibre in my area, (there is)


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Re: BT closed my account.

Either name they couldn't give me service. Even tho it shows as available for the old name i still couldn't get it.

Changed the name, they installed copper with the new name and by told me there is no more capacity, another call told me there is no fibre in my area.

Ive been working off a possibility open reach have ran out of fibre cables and have to install more.

Nobody knows anything. 

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Re: BT closed my account.

You have been given as much information as is possible from this forum. This thread is going round in circles and is getting nowhere. I would suggest that the thread be locked

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Re: BT closed my account.

Im not surprised, this is quite possibly the most passive aggressive forum ive ever used.

You come here for someone to help.

Its not going round and round, im not getting any help 

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