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BT Declined Topcashback offer after BT cancelled my **old** order VOL ID for MyBT App

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I did my original order through topcashback, picking BT as my provider because of the  proposed £85.00 cashback.

I have received no indication that there is any problem with my order apart from being unable to track through the MyBT App 

I contacted BT regarding The My BT app was not correctly reflecting the correct VOL_ID and I was unable to track my order correctly.
The person I spoke to said the MyBT app will be reset and I would have to re-log back in in 24-48hrs time to have the MyBT app correctly reflect the proper VOL_ID order (So, I can track if any issues arise and use to confirm delivery of Hub)

Today I received notification through topcashback that BT had declined the cashback on 09th Dec 2022, yet my FTTP 900 package has not even been installed.

Only today I had SMS confirming the delivery date and to expect "possible delays from RoyalMail strikes.."

I have submitted a dispute/Missing Cashback with Topcashback and It states "Order Declined".. 

Can this be fixed? If not I've lost a lot of trust for BT and also my custom as I will be cancelling my order and shopping elsewhere.

As another person on your forum who had a very similar problem has already stated quite well:  " to me it seems like my custom was gained under false pretences"

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Re: BT Declined Topcashback offer after BT cancelled my **old** order VOL ID for MyBT App

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Hi @majika, welcome to the forum and thanks for posting.

I'm surprised that TCB is showing as declined when it's not installed yet. Was your original connection date the 9th or earlier?



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Re: BT Declined Topcashback offer after BT cancelled my **old** order VOL ID for MyBT App

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Hi @JohnC2 

That was exactly my thoughts But then I looked at the BTC order ID which dosent match the old order which was cancelled.

I had an original order which was due to be installed on 8th Dec 22. So in answer to your question Yes I did have a connection date prior to the 9th Dec. That was cancelled. I then re-ordered the same package a few days later. 

This caused the confusion which prompted me to contact BT regards the MyBT app not tracking the correct order VOL inside the app. (As is still the case now if I am using BT's desktop site version - a separate matter)

I still have 2 accounts numbers under my account which is a bit weird which also stops me from continuing my clicks from the frontpage webapp through to the MyBT side of my account (Screenshot if this will help clarify is available). 

Original [Now Cancelled] Order Was due to be installed on the 8th Dec 22 was as follows:

Account number GB******75

Your order summary
Order placed: Thu 3 Nov 2022
Order date 03/11/2022
Order number BTC**************290
Order reference: VOL**3-*********540

Current active order Due to be installed on the 15th Dec 22 Details are as follows:

Account number: GB*******89

Your order summary
Order placed: Thu 18 Nov 2022
Order date 18/11/2022
Order number
Order reference: VOL013-*********034

TopCashBack Details of Order which had been declined is as follows:

**** TopCashBack ****
BT Broadband - New Customers 18 Nov 2022 £3.00 £85.00 declined
BT Broadband - New Customers Cashback has been declined by the retailer
Order Id BTCC*************048
Last Updated 09 Dec 2022


Now if you look at the BTC Order ID numbers it does not match the old Cancelled order, which leads me to believe that somewhere along the lines the move to clear the conflicting VOL numbers inadvertently removed the TCBack order .

BT Order from the 8th Dec:
Order number BTC**************290

Topcashback Declined offer on 9th Dec
Order Id BTC**************048

As you can see the BTC codes are not from the order which was cancelled and are different (which I assume should match) from the Order of the account which is to be rewarded for the processing of the TCB order.  

Hope this helps clear things up a little. 

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Re: BT Declined Topcashback offer after BT cancelled my **old** order VOL ID for MyBT App

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Hi @majika, thanks for the update. We've had this before when orders have to be re-issued. TCB should be able to track that the order has been replaced, when provided with the new order number, and BT will authorise the cashback. This will only happen after the order has been completed.

If TCB are still saying it's declined once you're up and running we'll be happy to help you.

It can take a few weeks for cashback to be authorised as these are usually checked monthly.



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