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BT ID - no linked accounts

My mother has ordered new broadband and changed her landline package and set up a BT ID.  We got email confirmation of the order, no issues there, and the email to activate the BT ID which we did,  However there is no account number associated with the BT ID, cannot see any product details, bill etc.

When we try to add the account it says its been done but will take 5 minutes to appear but never does - tried several times now.  

Any advice on how to link the new BT ID to the account?  Previous bills were all on paper.

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Re: BT ID - no linked accounts

Hi @JaniceUK, welcome to the forum, and thanks for posting. 

I'm sorry you're not able to access your mum's account online. Have a look at Add An Account To My BTID and see if that helps. 

If you're still unable to get access post back and let me know and I'll be happy to help you.



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Re: BT ID - no linked accounts


I'm having the same trouble as Janice, was this ever resolved?  I've tried adding the account multiple times but it doesn't show.  

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Re: BT ID - no linked accounts

I've been having this problem for ages now too and can't pay my bill. I did have an account and for some reason that i have been unable to find out, it has been deleted. I spent ages with the online help thing and they said that they'd set up a new account, no luck. Have done the log in thing several times, waited and waited and no luck. I'm not sure where to go from here really. Has anyone else had any luck? Trying to get hold of any sort of help with BT is spectacularly difficult.

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Re: BT ID - no linked accounts

@GaynorW and @Glenys2 I'm sorry to see you're having difficulty getting your BT account number linked to your BT ID. I'll send you both a private message in a moment so you can send over your details to the moderation team and we'll be happy to help.



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