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BT keep cancelling my order, it’s been 4 times now!

Recently moved into a new build property, first time buyers so we’ve never had broadband before. 

BT have randomly cancelled my order 4 times now, and have been unable to explain why on the phone phone. After I get passed round to various people I get the same excuse that it is a “system error” and they need to create a new order.

Then after a few days (this time it has been a week) it gets cancelled! The last person I spoke to told me they’ll call me in a few days and place another order for me, yet I might not get the same deal I previously had!

I just don’t seem to be getting anywhere when I speak to an advisor, has anyone else experienced this? 

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Re: BT keep cancelling my order, it’s been 4 times now!

is your new address correct on royal mail database?

are you trying to order FTTC or FTTP?  if latter do you have ONT fitted


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Re: BT keep cancelling my order, it’s been 4 times now!


It doesn’t look like it’s registered yet, I’ve submitted the form on Royal Mail but could this be the reason why? 

I’m not too sure on what they are trying to order, but I’ve definitely got an ONT fitted. I’ve explained this every time I’ve called up, because my developers mentioned if I give them the serial number, I should be able to get connected quicker?
Every time they’ve just told me to wait for an engineer to come out and look

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