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BT to EE contract nightmare

 My contract with BT expired in February and I contacted them to renew and was told it was now BT/EE.

I signed up for a new two year contract on favourable terms. I was told that I'd be switched to digital voice and that it was a simple matter of providing an adaptor to set it up.

After receiving a huge bill I contacted the chatline and was told it would all be sorted next month.

I was away for a week or so looking after my 93 year old step-dad who was in hospital and when I returned home my phone wasn't working. Over the next few weeks I had interrupted service and was told there was a problem converting to digital voice and was given a few appointments for engineers to fix it. I stayed in on a couple of occasions but no one turned up and was given various excuses as to why things weren't working properly.

Mid March and my phone wasn't working again for a few days.

Mid-April and realised that both BT and EE were charging me the full amount for my service.

I contacted BT/EE and was told that my broadband had been switched to EE but my landline was still with BT.

I was told that the only way of solving the problem was to leave my broadband as it was but to switch the PTSN line off in order to switched it to EE digital voice. However, this would entail losing my existing phone number that I've had for over 40 years! I explained that it was vital I kept my old number and was assured that once everything was sorted, my old number could be ported back.

The lady in the call centre called my back seven times over a period of weeks expelling that there was still an issue.

Mid-May and still not sorted, but received  emails from BT informing me I'd been switched to "pay as you go" and another thanking me for taking over a new line at a cost of £30.

A week later a further email form BT informing me that my line would be stopping in seven days.

Another email from BT saying me bill was ready and when checked I'd been charged £141.94.

Further communications from the help desk.

Friday 31st May I received a email saying there is an action to place my order on June 4th.

June 3rd helpdesk rang to inform me that my line would be converted to digital voice by June 6th with a new number. I was away from home attending to my step-dad who is now in a nursing home with a terminal illness.

I was told to ring BT/EE when I returned home to have my old number ported back.

June 4th received an email from EE  thanking me for my order.

June 10th arrived home to find phone no working.

Tried plugging in to the back of the router and had dial tone. I rang my mobile and the call registered as coming from my old number. Tried ring my number bit no incoming calls available.

I rang BT/EE and spoke to a gentleman in the Dundee call centre explaining my problem. On checking my notes he said it had all been processed incorrectly and that he would fix it. He said that my phone would be working by the end of the day, using a new phone number and that the following day (today) my old number would be ported back.

As of now, I still have dial tone (via my old number) but still cannot receive any calls on either my old number or the new one quoted.

Is there anyone still in BT or EE who can please actually sort this problem out before I call the ombudsman in absolute desperation?

Thanks for bearing with me so far!





However, I soon realised that both BT and EE were debiting my account.

cut along story short, I was told that I 'd 

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Re: BT to EE contract nightmare

Hi @Oldtimer1, I'm sorry that your move to EE has not gone smoothly. You would be best to call EE customer services on 0330 123 1105 and speak with the orders team to check your order has completed. 



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Re: BT to EE contract nightmare

As I've mentioned, I've been speaking to them since the beginning of March and no matter how many times they promise they will sort the problem including "raise an action" and "opened a bridge case", nothing ever happens.

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Re: BT to EE contract nightmare

Hi @Oldtimer1, I understand your frustration but you are best to stick with them as they are the order experts with EE orders. 
If you've not already got an open complaint raised then raise one and they'll manage your case through to resolution.



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