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Bill History Beyond 12 Months

Hi all,

I suppose its kind of a question if anyone has a workaround for this.

Approaching the end of my contract and wanted to view my full BT Billing history for the 24 month contract period.

After 3 phone calls yesterday I finally managed to have a conversation with someone of sane mind who told me "It's not possible to be sent billing history beyond 12 months" despite being able to see up to 15 months online. I repeatedly asked the reason for this, for which there was none, only the response "it will cost £4.30 per invoice to see that".

Any ideas of how I can see my full history? Just unsure about a few direct debit statements and want to make sure this sham of a company hasn't ripped me off anywhere (although I'm sure they are ripping us all off).

Also some advice if there is not answer - take a record of each bill in case you want to go back to any as a reference!


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Re: Bill History Beyond 12 Months

I've never known BT to rip me off so exclude me from the "All" tag.

Although I don't keep past copies of bills I do religiously check my bills each month and can immediately spot if it deviates from expected figures by even a penny.
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Re: Bill History Beyond 12 Months

That’s really helpful thanks. You should try getting a job in the BT call centre

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Re: Bill History Beyond 12 Months

I assumed from your original posting that you had received the official answer from the sane person you spoke on not being able to go back the last 24 months. If you can see the last 15 bills why would you need for these to be sent to as you can download these yourself. So when you get your bills monthly bills do you not check them to enable you to add any credence to your comment about BT being a sham company. As an aside I have just checked my BT account and am able to see my last 16 bills and download these if required.