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Billing Question

I am hoping that this will be an easy question to answer but at the moment it is a question that has me baffled. I have also logged into my account and checked my billing and I am still none the wiser. Over 12 months ago I signed up for full fibre 500 which at the time I believe was about £54. I am now paying £61.76 which includes Halo 3 ( that I do not want or ever asked for? ) and when I check online for renewal options I see that full fibre 500 is being offered at £44.99. ( with phone )

Firstly, why am I paying £16 more than advertised and if I choose to renew in March 2024, I would like to drop to fibre 300, is the £39.99 the actual price that I will pay and how do I cancel Halo?.

I appreciate any help or advice

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