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Broadband contract renewal - alarm


my 83 year old mother is being charged £85 for BB/TV & landline. We’ve rung BT about 6 times to try & secure a more favourable contract - she has an alarm monitoring system via the council. The council assured us it will work with digital voice - BT said it would - Open Reach engineer came to house & said they’ve been told not to switch anyone over to digital voice who have an alarm.

The upshot of this fiasco is they will not give my mother an improved contract and are charging her £95 next month!! She’s besides herself.

the last phone call the “guide” said they work with a live market & the prices change hour by hour so they cannot give her the same contract as a new customer (£35) due to working with the live market. So no two existing customers would be offered the same deal. We are having conflicting information all the time 

however if we went on line and did it we would get a better deal - but we can’t do this due to the alarm issue. 

We’ve made several phone calls & been offered different prices each time - also told different “stories” each time. 

my sister is in poor health and it’s making her ill, my mum can’t sleep for worrying about increasing prices, I work so have limited time to assist. We’ve already spent hours on the phone to them 

we are at our wits end - does anybody have any suggestions what we do next. The council, BT and Openreach are all saying different things and as for renewing her contract I give up! 

any suggestions welcomed 🙈

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Re: Broadband contract renewal - alarm


This is just a customer to customer help forum, everyone here, including myself, are just customers.

The only BT Employees are the forum moderators. I have asked one to assist.

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Re: Broadband contract renewal - alarm

Hi @joechicks and thanks for posting.

I'm sorry you're having problems with your mums account. I can appreciate how frustrating this is for you. I'm sure we can sort this out. I'll need a few details so check your inbox for my message and drop me over a reply.



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Re: Broadband contract renewal - alarm

I am beginning to think that BT's sales practices are more akin to street market than to a supposedly reputable company.
"Working with a live market so prices change hour by hour and that means we're going to keep charging you £80-90/month instead of the £35/month we're offering new customers"??
Really!! This is the sort of dealing you might expect from dodgy used car salesmen or barrow boys.