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Broadband package cost for pensioner couple

I'm trying to rationalise my parents-in-laws BT costs.

They're currently being charged NINETY-ONE pounds a month. Some is BT Sport, and some is a calls-included landline package, but they're paying £72.09 a month for 'Fibre 1 with Complete Broadband' - and this apparently includes a mysterious £5 per month 'discount' - no idea for how long that applies.

I have tried to converse with customer service about this, but they baffled me.

We pay around £40 for our broadband with BT, which I think is 'fibre-to-cabinet' where we are.

My in-laws DON'T NEED super-fast speeds, nor do they need 'Complete Broadband' which I'm guessing just means the signal booster dish thing, that's still in its box as they live in a two-bed terraced house. 

Can I ask, therefore, a simple question. Is there a more 'basic' Broadband package they could be on to save a bit of their pension? Just enough to watch BT Sport - so I guess 8MBS-ish, without any 'total broadband.' And if so, how can I get then switched over? Thanks.

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Re: Broadband package cost for pensioner couple

It will be complete wi-fi not total broadband, which includes the latest smart hub and up to 3 wi-fi discs.

In terms of packages, do they 2qualify for Home Essetials ?

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Re: Broadband package cost for pensioner couple

Several things:

  • If FTTC or Full Fibre is available then these take precedence but there is an essential fibre broadband product for both FTTC based as well as for Full Fibre - this product is up to 36Mbps download.
  • Also there are social packages if they qualify:
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