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Cancelled order without notice, issues with setup, infinite delays, and disappointment.

Dear all, 

I am a customer who is returning to BT. I had attempted to get set up with broadband after moving into my new apartment, but have had continuous issues happen to my orders, cancellations and weird behavior by the BT app and website. Please find details below 🙂

The old line from the previous tenant stopped working on September 15th. I placed an order on the 13th originally to "take over" their broadband, assuming that would be immediate, but the system gave me an activation date on the 27th. 

Then, the sales agents advised me to cancel the order, and create a new one after the old tenant's claim on the line is over, (e.g. after the 15th), to get the chance of receiving a closer activation date. I did that, and successfully ordered my broadband to be activated today, on the 22nd of September. 

The main troubles began here. I received a text this morning to find out there was some "details that need clarifying", and to contact BT. On the phone, I was told the account and order was cancelled, and therefore is null and void, so no connection will happen. This (according to the system) happened on the 20th, but I received no call, no text, no email that notified me about this. I found myself working from home hosting video conferences from my mobile hotspot with terrible reception (also EE actually, lol). 

My guess is that since I had multiple accounts with BT before (2 recent ones with orders from Sep 13th, as mentioned above), and also one from 2 years ago when I used to be a BT customer, they all got somehow mixed up, creating a weird internal error no one from the tech team was able to track down and find. 

I was forced to give up hope for activation of my line today, and create a new order this morning. Upon confirming my details, the provisional date I received was September 29th, a week from now, which makes sense. BUT just a few hours later that got pushed further to October 2nd, even though the system allows me to change it back to the 29th (e.g. showing 29th as available). Whenever I do that myself through the BT app, BT website, or on call with agent (who also confirmed 29th is available), it just gets reverted to 2nd October anyway. 

Furthermore, I do have a weird hunch this won't work this time again. Whenever I update my BT ID, it loads up my order very weirdly, sometimes just showing a big red error banner instead of my order tracking page, only to 5 minutes later show it again normally. I know there's some sort of issue on BT's side, perhaps the same thing that caused the old order to get cancelled, but no one knows what it is. The only info I got from the Tech Team is "missing data", but they couldn't (or wouldn't) explain what it is. If I don't get connected this time, I will seek for compensation and opt for a different provider. There was one in place when I moved in and I am now regretting switching to BT, because this just caused such a mess. 


I have seen @RobbieMac do wonders to people here, so I'm really hoping you'd help me as well, since all I hear from the BT Team whenever I call is an apology and a request to be patient and wait. But since the previous order got cancelled literally the day before activation (and before that I received my kit etc, so everything was in order), I have no trust this won't happen again. In a WFH situation, it's not so easy to stay calm. 


Really hope to get some further help on my situation and perhaps sorting it out manually if needed instead of just creating a new order and hoping it doesn't get messed up again.


Thank you to everyone here and the moderators for any help or advice you could give me.



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Re: Cancelled order without notice, issues with setup, infinite delays, and disappointment.

Hi @MrK,

Thank you for taking the time to join the Community and post up your question.

We can certainly look into everything for you and do our best to help you.

Please be aware, it will take us a few working days before we can currently get back to you.

I'll send you a private message with some info that we will need.

Thank you


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Re: Cancelled order without notice, issues with setup, infinite delays, and disappointment.

Hi @DanielS,


Thanks. I just looked into some other people's posts and I realized there's some kind of nationwide WLR withdrawal stop sell going on. I have checked if broadband is available at my address and I see "FTTC not available" (I do not have FTTP at all). I am very worried that I am no longer able to have internet at my house and that this is the reason why my order keeps being blocked. Could you take a look? screenshot (2).png

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Re: Cancelled order without notice, issues with setup, infinite delays, and disappointment.

You need to reply to @DanielS PM with your details as offered.

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Re: Cancelled order without notice, issues with setup, infinite delays, and disappointment.

The stop sell is for WLR/PSTN , it doesn’t stop ‘copper pairs’ being used , basically copper based service is still available, but any phone service ( which is optional you don’t need to take a phone service) will be an ‘IP’ phone service, you would plug a phone into the broadband router rather than the ‘master phone socket’ .

If FTTP isn’t available ( and that’s still millions of addresses ) the router still connects to the master socket even with new business and migrations between ISP.

The image you posted says FTTC isn’t available but SOGEA ( single order generic Ethernet access ) is , so instead of effectively two orders ( PSTN and broadband) it’s an order for broadband that can be raised , the IP telephony part ( if you asked for it ) has nothing to do with the physical provision made by Openreach , it’s between you and BT if you want it .

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Re: Cancelled order without notice, issues with setup, infinite delays, and disappointment.

Hi everybody, @iniltous 


Thanks for replying. I have indeed only opted for broadband (no telephony), so, if I understood your response correctly, there should be no issues connecting me at this point in time?


And I have already responded to @DanielS with all the details. 

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