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Care home - cancellation of land line

Hi - my mother has had to go into care and I would like to close her landline account. I have Power of Attorney, and have been told that I must send a copy with a covering letter to BT plc in Sheffield. Given that it will take a couple of weeks for that to be processed and then I'll have to give 30 days notice on his account it will probably be 6 weeks until the account is closed. I feel that as this is almost as distressing a situation as a bereavement it should be treated with as much compassion and speed. Please help!



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Re: Care home - cancellation of land line

I agree when dad died  he was near the end of his BT contract for landline and Broadband when he died just under 4 months ago and and as I stayed in house with him I was able to move ISP providers but had to still give 14 to 30 days notice.

Closing dads BT account fully was not as easy as I thought it would have been but a mod on here sorted it but it toke 3 weeks after dad died for it to be done.

The mods on here can be very helpful. Where as at times depending on who you get on other end of phone may not be as helpful.

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Re: Care home - cancellation of land line


I have asked the mods to see if they can help you. They will post here

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Re: Care home - cancellation of land line

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Re: Care home - cancellation of land line

Hi @cussler60 

Thanks for posting I can help with this for you.

I've sent you a private message asking for some more details we need to access the account.

We are working through a bit of a backlog but should be able to get back to you next week if you send us ver a private message reply.



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