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FTTP NIGHTMARE - Escalating complaint

Would like some advice on how to escalate a serious issue as currently spending 2+ hours a day on the phone and engineers at my house over 3 times a week….

24 month contract came to an end last year and was told the only upgrade was to FTTP from Copper. Engineer came to install, scanned an ONT then realised he could not complete the work due to permissions in a MDU. He took the ONT with him after scanning (bad move!)

FTTP still not installed 6 months later, but 4 weeks ago my copper line was ceased randomly and hub went solid orange. How is this possible when there clearly isn’t a fibre line? Multiple engineers have confirmed this with their own eyes. 

Due to the incorrect ONT linked to my property I am being told my copper cannot be reactivated which is a lie. This is not a fault of mine and somebody needs to intervene manually. I am now 4 weeks with absolutely no service and no signs of resolution. 

How can I speak to a senior member of staff who can focus on my issue and manually intervene rather than letting a system keep getting stuck in loops? 

Engineers themselves even agreed this is appalling and embarrassing service with regards turning off copper, this is interfering with my life. 

Let me add, every engineer being sent to the house is fibre only (due to ONT database issue…) so cannot do work on the copper itself, but confirmed the copper line is still active and doesn’t require physical work, it is purely the systems not activating the internet. They said they should 100% be able to reactivate this  

Thank you

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Re: FTTP NIGHTMARE - Escalating complaint

This will need a BT Mod to resolve hopefully a community helper can take note and flag upwards for them to review.

Note the forum team is quite small so it may take a little while once noted for them to respond.

Please be patient but once they get involved they do take ownership and are always very helpful as I have found from prior personal experience.

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Re: FTTP NIGHTMARE - Escalating complaint

I have notified the moderators of the forum about your problem. Once they have read this they may be able to help. They will advise you by posting on this thread.

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Re: FTTP NIGHTMARE - Escalating complaint

Hi @MattS12,

I am so sorry to read about everything that has happened to you.

From everything that you've said, to me, it sounds as if you were on our FTTC service rather than our FTTP service. It would explain why your broadband went offline when your copper service was stopped. If that's the case, we may be able to add the copper line back. When it comes to FTTP it's no as easy to add a copper line back as suggested as I've often seen it blocked by Openreach. I don't want to speculate too much in case it's something else. I do think it's best if my team takes over this for you and find out what's happening. I've sent you a private message that you can reply back on.


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