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Full Fibre(500Mb) installation didn't happen properly.

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I upgraded to full fibre (500mb) FTTP two weeks back(From normal 50mb), today was my install date. The installer installed the extra box, but said due to some duct/copper problem it would be three weeks until they can activate my new connection.

He said he could have tried to use the existing copper, but if it didn't work I would be out of internet access until 2 to 3 weeks until they did the original thing he said i.e, keeping my current connection for another 3 weeks until they make the changes.

It's definitely FTTP in my area, as I saw the TWO bt open reach vans set it up about 2 months ago, then I received a letter from BT informing me I can now upgrade to 500Mb to 900mb.

I've checked my track order, and it just says my bb was installed today. But as of now I'm writing this on my previous connection and the installer left like an hour ago.

So I'm wondering, who/how can I contact bt to find out in more detail what is happening? I didn't really understand his explanation of what went wrong.









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Re: Full Fibre(500Mb) installation didn't happen properly.

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It appears from what you state , that the FTTP installer couldn’t get the optical cable from the footway box to your home because the duct is damaged somewhere between the box and house , they could have tried using the existing copper cable as a draw rope to pull the optical cable in , but if this failed you wouldn’t have fibre or your existing copper service, so they decided against it ( very sensible ) 

They have fitted the internal kit ( ONT etc ) so it could be the job can be finished without needing access to the inside of your home , but you now need to wait until the duct can be made serviceable again, so a the new optical cable can be installed, that may need excavation so the damaged section of duct can be repaired , hence the potential couple of weeks until this is arranged and completed.

You don’t need to do anything, the installation tech passes the job to the team responsible for clearing duct stoppages etc.

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Re: Full Fibre(500Mb) installation didn't happen properly.

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-EDIT ok sorry for this reply, I missed your last remark.


Hi, ok thanks. How can I determine when this will happen? My order tracking just says ""Your broadband was installed today, order complete." but wasn't. I can't find a way to contact bt online about it?

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Re: Full Fibre(500Mb) installation didn't happen properly.

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There won’t be any timescales yet , they will try non invasive methods first called civils avoidance,  like trying to flush out any debris from the duct  ,  if that works great , if it doesn’t work then the council will need ‘notice’ of the excavation, that’s  if the blockage is in the footpath , if it’s in your garden the council don’t need notice but you may want to be on site when they dig….all you can do is wait to be contacted, you don’t need to do anything proactively