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I had no idea my contract was 24 months as I thought it was 12 months for a start, 


I’ve lost my job, loosing my home moving back into parents box room and cannot afford BT anymore I also suffer from bad mental health, I expected a termination fee maybe £100 or something … £513!!!! I can’t afford to even eat right now next step would be get legal advice and get papers involved as no help when calling BT, might just have to let them take me to court what else do I have to loose!!! Anyone have my other suggestions ?? 

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Re: HELP!!

You could move the service to your parents address, either take over their line if they are out of contract or have it as a 2nd line.

Regrettably if you agreed the contract, BT have the right to charge an early termination fee.

Don't ignore it as much as you might be tempted to, this could impact your credit file for up to 6 years, if you're struggling mentally reach out for help, this forum isn't the place to help with mental health issues but there is support out there, also look at financial help, you don't have to do it alone, good luck 🙂

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