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Halo 3 Price Promise Broken

I have a few months left on my Full Fibre 500 contract. I am paying £43.70 a month. I saw a new offer in my area, new 24 month contract for Full Fibre 500 at £30.99 including 6 months Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

I phoned customer service as this was offered to me when I was logged onto the website. The first rep I spoke with lied to me on the phone and said that the website was out of date. The second time I phoned they apologised and said it was for new customers only. They couldn't answer why it was offered to me when I had logged in to my account. They said if I was a Halo 3 customer they would have matched the price.

I then checked, the price of Halo 3 was £2 extra a month. I phoned customer service again and the 2nd rep confirmed on the phone that (even if I saw a better offer in the next few days or weeks due to Black Friday) that they would match the price.

Now I am a Halo 3 customer and my contract is active. I have phoned 3 times and 3 different answers to match the price. The first said it was only offered in areas where Virgin Media had just launched so didn't apply to my contract. The second rep said that the offer online for Full Fibre 500 was completely different contract as it didn't include Halo 3. They asked me to cancel my new contract and revert to the old one.

Halo 3 is currently advertised and marketed here:

Never pay more than a new customer with our price promise

We promise you’ll never pay more than a new
customer when you renew your contract.

No exceptions.

I think in my short time that I have already found several exceptions to this and I believe it is being misadvertised and that customers are being misled. 

I have raised a complaint and am going through the process but,  has anyone got any suggestions for a potential solution to this? The 'loyalty/value' team don't seem to care at all and I don't want to have to go through the full, long process of eventually getting the communications ombudsman involved.

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Re: Halo 3 Price Promise Broken

The 30.99 is not halo 3 so the price promise isn't being broken, the promise only applies to halo packages

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Re: Halo 3 Price Promise Broken

Is the £30.99 offer for broadband only?  If your contract is nearing end then you presumably have ability to make and receive calls so not broadband only

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Re: Halo 3 Price Promise Broken

Update from 11 November:

David from BT just phoned me apologising for the confusion around the renewal prices. He offered to match the price of £30.99 which I was presented with from the website.

On this basis, I am happy to renew for another 24 months and I hope to remain with BT for many more years as this was my first ever negative experience with the company. I am pleased to see that the complaints process, and this community forum feedback worked.

This has resolved my query about Halo 3 but they still need to train their customer service sales staff better to not misinform and mislead customers. 

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