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Help to speed up a reconnection?

Is there anything else I can do to get my broadband reconnected at my end?

It was switched off at 3am this morning, my fault, I forgot to pay the bill, and I was 7 days late. So I am grateful I dont have to pay the late charge next month, but it's left me in quite a state. 

I am at high risk of serious harm and/or homicida under my local police, due to domestic violence and rely on my WiFi for sensors, cameras, door bell, lights etc, and although the likelihood of anything to happen tonight is probably zero, my anxiety is through the roof. 

I have been in touch with BT on the phone 4 times today, and each time they have said it should be soon, but up to 24 hours, which I can appreciate. 

In the past when it happened, it was pretty much done immediately, but for some reason this time it's as though something hasn't been lifted, or taken off. As it's still states the bill hasn't been paid when I call, but the app and website show I don't have an outstanding balance. 

I have enough money to pay it again as I have £58, and I get paid on Friday, the bill was £48, if I paid it again would it help? 

I'm desperate, scared, and don't know what to do 


Any help would be really appreciated


Thank you 

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Re: Help to speed up a reconnection?


It can take 24 hours for the restrictions to lift after BT have processed the payment, see want my BT services to be reconnected or have restrictions lifted 

How long it takes to reconnect 

We'll reconnect within 24 hours of processing your payment.

How long does it take for BT to process my payment?

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