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How do I contact Executive Customer Relations by email.

I have spent 4 hours over the last 48 hours on my mobile to BT trying to resolve an issue. Fibre Broadband isntalled with Digital Voice on the 19th July. An installement which was originally organised in April at the end of my contract.

This morning I received this message.

 "Its Pesh here from Executive Customer Resolutions. Unfortunately, you have missed both my calls to you to discuss your account . I am going to call you in 5 mins as i do need to talk to you. Please do not reply to this text - we wont see it. Thanks' received at 10.48 . Call was at 10.49 and did not even ring my end. There was not even a full ring of the phone to let me answer. I ahve spent 4 hours on the phone in 48 hours trying to resolve this matter yet you do not even let the phone ring for one full ring. 

They also arranged at the same time to change my BT mobile to EE on a BT represetatives advice ??? they managed to action that part of teh contract but have never noted any of the other contract details. They expect me to believe that they sent engineers out to my property  on 3 occasions without agreeing a contract.

This strikes me as tokenism after a period of 3 months when they keep negotiating the original cntract, missed installation dates and were downright obstructive. I do not want any more of my precious mobile minutes sitting on hold to BT whilst they deliberately say they have no knoweldge. I was advised yesterday that I am only contracted for bt tv????? Yet last night they managed to stop that too.

This is absolutely, causing me extreme stress and anxiety. 

I would like for someone to tell me how  I can contact Executive Customer Relations.

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Re: How do I contact Executive Customer Relations by email.

The ECR team are a final escalation point, the number used changes every few months which is why it's not publically listed, you can ring BT and ask for the agent who answers to email Pesh, agree a contact time or ask them to send a text message with the ECR team number, alternatively just wait until the next contact attempt if you don't want to call back, BT will make 3 different contact attempts to resolve your issue.

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Re: How do I contact Executive Customer Relations by email.

Thank you for your reply. I have moved to another provider. In 2022 it seems ridiculous that after 3 months I still have not had an activated contract, despite working with 4 different customer liason operators on the phone and negotiating  contracts since the middle of April. I need the internet for work purposes, I was unable to complete some tasks and meetings in June. I cannot take a risk of this happening again. 

So, after a sustained 20 years of prompt payment and even sticking with BT when I moved property, I had to make the decision to move. My regret is that one of the operators advise me to move my mobils account to EE and I am now in an extended contract with them. I would have preferred to not have this contract as EE is in partnership with BT.


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