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How do I contact a real person to complain and terminate my contract

We have been faithful customers for forty years, and today the broadband is broken. I am visually impaired and have a TBI that affects my speech (thank you for the empathy, phone guy /s) so I need that connection to the outside world, even if it is voice to text.

BT informed me the problem was fixed, it is not. They are saying an engineer might be out WITHIN TWO DAYS and I probably won't be charged!? Uh, you already bleed me and my disabled dad for enough and it's a problem with YOUR network. As you won't pick up the phone I'm going to need to know how me and my dad go about terminating our contract so that we can get a plan that's actually affordable.

The bloody cheek. You're lucky I don't bill you for all the data I'm having to buy. 

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Re: How do I contact a real person to complain and terminate my contract

Hi, @samwell welcome to the community forums and thanks for posting, I'm really sorry about the fault with your broadband and the time this will take to repair as I appreciate the connection is essential to you.

I'll send you a private message so you can get in touch with the moderation team and we'll be happy to check if anything can be done to help.



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