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Is this supposed to be a special offer?

I realised that I am still on this forum when I got an email today in response to one of my old posts.  I haven't been a broadband customer of BT for years.  Though EE is now a part of BT so I am actually now a customer again.

I got a leaflet though my door today.

Half price broadband offer - yay!

...for 6 months - yay-ish.

...on a 24 month contract - so 3/4 of the contract period isn't actually at any discount at all.

...and the price is guaranteed to go up by 3.9% above the rate of inflation every year - maybe I can do without this offer after all.

There's a local independent company laying fibre across my town.  They haven't got to my street yet, but...

Their standard broadband is cheaper than BT's "Fibre Essential".  That standard offering is 100Mbps -it's the slowest pachage they offer.  Their 500Mbps package is the same price as BT's "Fibre 2", but over 5 times as fast.  Not only are they cheaper, but they guarantee that their prices won't go up during the period of your contract.

I left BT broadband because they were a rip-off.  They haven't changed.


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Re: Is this supposed to be a special offer?

Company’s that are trying to break into the market are not likely to gain too many customers unless the price they offer is compelling, but , some of the pricing smacks of desperation, desperation is often  followed by bankruptcy, many of these Alt Nets business plans require significant take up ,so low pricing is required,  industry analysts suspect most won’t actually survive, and being taken over is the likely scenario.

As far as BT offering half price for 6 months on a 24 month contract, on Fibre 2 , if that has a monetary value of £90 , (£15*6 ) then it’s equivalent to £3.75 over 24 months ,  would a reduced monthly  fee from £30 to £26.25 be more appealing , the saving is the same , perhaps some would appreciate the saving paid over a shorter period, especially if the saving period is just after Christmas and during the expense of winter heating bills etc  , so the question is , why is getting a £90 over 6 months instead of 24 months a problem to you , as you are not a BT customer , it doesn’t matter to you ,this type of short term discount  may not suit you , it may suit others though

lets hope your ‘local’ company doesn’t run out of money before it gets to your street 

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