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Moving house & no BT available

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My elderly mum is moving to sheltered accommodation and we’ve looked at moving her BT contract to this accommodation and it says there is no BT available. Apparently all they have is cable there.

This means my mum won’t be able to move her 24 month contract that she took out in October,  as through no fault of her own she cannot continue the service there despite wanting to. 

what kind of release payment will she have to make? She hasn’t got much money and she’ll already be having to pay for the new service (that she didn’t want). 

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Re: Moving house & no BT available

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What happens if you try to place an order for a phone line at her new address?

If the address doesn't appear properly when you enter the postcode, there is a section underneath where you can manually enter the address.

There is no need to actually complete the order, just see if its says its possible. It could be a bronze address.

There may be unused Openreach infrastructure existing which may not show up.

I would be surprised if there was not an existing network, even though its not in use at the moment.



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Re: Moving house & no BT available

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Thanks. I’ve managed to get to my mums and phone from hers to get a definitive answer. There is no available BT on the checker and BT confirmed this. Because of this they will release her from the contract once she moves . And in any case if she is going into residential care they could also cancel the contract. 

So all is good. Thanks for responding Keith