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Nightmare Transferring from BT to EE with renewal options

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Terrible experience with transferring from BT to EE-

Received various e-mails stating my contract was due for renewal-

phoned BT on the number provided on 15th May and went through the process of what options were available to me.

Advised by James that EE was cheaper and same package as I have already with added discs for better wifi so decided to go with it.

When the e-mail arrived with the package details  I was not happy- the download  forecast and guaranteed speed was half of what I had with BT and it said the package was for a couple of devices although I have several connected to my wifi. Also said something about digital voice phone which I knew nothing about. Was never advised about reduced download or what the digital voice phone entailed.  

Tried to call BT but could not get through ( wait time at least half an hour) then did a chat and agent said they could not help me but to phone BT instead. After several days trying to speak to someone and even trying to email them on the upgrade offer e-mail I finally got someone on a chat again on 18th May and went through my concerns and problems. They kept stating that the new discs would improve my wifi although thats not what I was calling about. She said she would log a complaint and detail my concerns on my notes so that I would not need to go over the problems again if I had to call again  and  an engineer would come to sort out everything? Would also send out an adapter for my landline? 

Found out later that going to digital voice phone I had to plug my existing landline phone into the hub  for it to work? Was never advised of this either. Our landline phone is in the kitchen and our hub is in the bedroom where the BT line comes in? so this was not possible- said they would send an adapter.

Eventually spoke to another agent (Sarah) on the phone on 19th May and she seemed to sort out my concerns- I thought!-_I was advised to ignore the new equipment being sent to transfer me to EE  and that somone would call me before 28th May to make sure everything was fixed and they would see about another package for me. She gave me a direct line to call if I had any concerns. Also said she would update my notes again so did not have to recount my problems to someone else.

On 21st May  discovered my landline was cut off- I could not make any calls. Tried calling the direct line, given to me by Sarah, on my mobile ( as had no landline although I did advise the first agent that the landline is required here as the signal not good for mobiles and you sometimes have to go onto the street to get one)   but was in a queue  which could be over 45 minutes! so went and tried to do a chat online.  I managed to get an agent who was willing to try to fix things for me but was passed to a further agent and a manager - 3 in total- Eventually after 3 hours!!!! on a chat I demanded that they send out an engineer to sort things out for free and at least then I would have someone to speak to face to face. Even then they  advised the wrong times. Promised by everyone that a complaint had been logged but cannot find it on BT site as states - Error- there seems to be a network issue try again later!!

Received the adapter today but does not connect to my BT hub . My hub is in my bedroom where my BT line comes in and my landline phone is in my kitchen so cannot connect it into the Hub , but was never advised of this either. So now  left with no landline, slow download speed, no way of contacting BT and texts from EE stating glad to have me onboard!! Nightmare!!

Don't now who I'm supposed to contact BT or EE - just want to go back to what I had before - seems every time I do a renewal with BT someone mucks it up- been with them for over 50 years and we're in our 70s. 

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Re: Nightmare Transferring from BT to EE with renewal options

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I have asked a moderator to provide assistance, they will post an invite on this thread.
They are the only BT employees on this forum, and are based in the UK.

You should not have been advised to move to EE, as that would mean a move to Digital Voice.

Its possible you may have to post on the EE customer forum, as they are a separate company in the BT Group.


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Re: Nightmare Transferring from BT to EE with renewal options

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Hi @Doddydormouse,

Thank you for posting. I'm sorry things have gone so badly wrong with your order. Please send me your details and I'll do my best to help get things fixed. I have sent you a private message with instructions on how to contact the team.  You can access your messages via the envelope icon at the top right of the screen, or click on this link, Private messages



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Re: Nightmare Transferring from BT to EE with renewal options

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Sadly, yet another story that confirms to me never change anything ever as so much goes wrong, even if it means you are out of contract and paying a lot.

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Re: Nightmare Transferring from BT to EE with renewal options

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Tell me about it


Tried all week to get this transfer after receiving the email offer and only to be told yesterday I can not go to EE because the BT system will not let certain customers do it as it shows no EE packages to transfer too. BT said they will contact me when its fixed. Had nothing so far.

I suspect its because I am on the Halo package.

Been with BT 20 years and I suspect I wont be for much longer.


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