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No longer able to log into MYBT on any web browser, but can using the APP ?

been trying to log into MYBT on my home pc and laptop, but keep getting dumped back to the enter your email or BTID screen ?

e.g.  "Something went wrong. Please try again."

Even if i click on the Forgot my password link, i get asked to enter my email, which i do... and i get dumped again back to the login endless loop.

Oddly, its not even 'locking me out' after so many failed attempts...? why not?

I am able to log in using my iPhone MYBT app... so it has to be at BT's web-client servers , end....

attempts tried:

tried two separate computers on separate broadbands. tried two browsers, Chrome and Edge. Tried clearing cache on everything..same result....

and as if that isnt bad enough... i foolishly attempted to go onto Live Chat... oh dear god! Thats a 40 minutes of my life i can never get back! 

I got passed around 5! yes, 5! different foreigners in Delhi i presume, going by their unpronounceable names... and by the time i had reached the 5th BT representative... he just said and i quote, "outage - 4hrs - try again after sometime - bye!" and told me to end the chat and fill in the survey... eh..what survey, i wasnt offered one (but i really wish I had been able to fill one in!). In honesty, after that totally moronic Live Chat experience, i really just wanted to leave BT forever!  ... rant over!

can anyone confirm the waffle that there is a 4 hour outtage ?? as i see no relevance to that anywhere in here...??

..and, how do i get to log back into MyBT, if there isn't (an alleged)  4 hour outage...?





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Re: No longer able to log into MYBT on any web browser, but can using the APP ?

Hi @xlr8r, sorry you were unable to get this resolved when you tried the live chat service.

Are you still experiencing a problem accessing the MyBT from the web? 



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