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Oldie needs help & advice

Please forgive me if this is not appropriate for this forum.

2 years ago BT upgraded/sold me BT Halo 1 even though I explained " I am an old lady (mid 70's) in lockdown, no engineer could enter your home AND have old Home Hub 3 / use old fashioned equipment (old desktop computer) want to keep Landline / also  have 2 x 1 Gb  Sim mobiles that are hardly used as we don't really leave the house - did not know what I was being signed up to.  Cancelled TV as actually watch Free Sat and was paying for TV Pkg just so hubby could watch Sky & BT Sport.  Now contract about to end, had letters re upgrade (one to Halo 3 ???) and WRITTEN IN BIG  that if I do not renew soon these offers may NOT be available to me.

Can anyone recommend best person to speak with please? Not a salesperson who talks 20 to the dozen using jargon I do not understand - not being disrespectful and am aware that life has 'galloped' ahead full speed but am losing sleep over how I will order my shopping online etc. now that life has come to a 'full stop' mainly due to health circumstances.

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Re: Oldie needs help & advice

It would appear that you were previously sold packages that you did not need or want. To try and avoid that happening again I have notified the moderators of the forum about your problem. Once they have read this they may be able to help. They are very busy at present so it can take up to 24 hours for them to contact you. They will do this by posting on this thread.

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Re: Oldie needs help & advice

Thank you so much for your quick reply.  Much appreciated.

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Re: Oldie needs help & advice

Hi @LadyMary welcome to the community and thanks for posting, I'll send you a private message so you can get in touch with the moderation team.


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