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Out of contract

I’m currently out of contract on my fibre contract and I’m not sure whether to try and negotiate a new contract or move elsewhere.

I’m currently paying

£37.09 for Fibre Halo 1 

£22.94 for family sim mobile


There is an offer for Fibre Halo 3 for £35.09 so £2 less the what I’m paying at the minute and speed would be 45mb compared to 36mb.


I’m terrible at phoning and trying to get a deal so any advice on here would be really appreciated!

Thank you.

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Re: Out of contract

The speed will not change by changing contract.  The figure is just an estimate. 

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Re: Out of contract

Just check what other ISPs are offering and then phone 0800800030 and see what they offer and mention costs for similar package from other ISPs.  you will be ok

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Re: Out of contract

In order to work out options, you'd need to do a quick check of prices for what you need and what is available.

For instance, is a landline required, the broadband speed you need, is FTTP (Full Fibre) available and regarding Mobiles, which networks have a good signal where you live.

You can check mobile signal coverage using the "coverage checkers" on the Mobile provider websites. And generally typing a postcode into the Broadband provider websites (e.g. the main BT broadband page whilst logged out) will show the new customer prices for products that are available at your address on an Openreach line.
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Re: Out of contract

Hi @magpie03   BT Halo 3 is the same as Halo 1 with just a tech expert visit extra that hardly anybody uses.

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Re: Out of contract

@magpie03check your data usage on your mobiles recently, Halo gives you double data, moving to a non-Halo package will see the data reverted to your plan allowance.
Remaining on a Halo package will see it retained.

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